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Carters of Suffolk
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Collectable Teapots

Carters of Suffolk have been manufacturing high quality collectable and novelty teapots since 1978, when the pottery was founded by Tony Carter and his wife, Anita. The pottery, originally known as Kiln Cottage Pottery, quickly developed an enthusiastic following for its high quality hand made ceramics. It was soon specialising in quirky teapot designs, and Tony built an international reputation which has been maintained to this day.

We deliver our teapots worldwide and over our thirty years of teapot production we have made many special edition teapots, and have been available in some of the world's most prestigious shops including Harrods, Bloomingdales, Macys, and on board the Q E 2 and Queen Mary ships. Read Our Story »

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Carters of Suffolk online shop

Our Teapot Shop features our current range of collectable teapots and novelty teapots. You can order securely on-line and pay via PayPal.

Visit The Pottery

Teapot Pottery Production

A visit to Carters Teapot Pottery, in the beautiful village of Debenham in Suffolk, will allow you to see our world renowned teapots being made and painted by hand.

Our Story

Carters Of Suffolk History

The Carters of Suffolk Teapot Pottery has been producing hand made, hand painted novel and collectible teapots since the 1970's.

New Brexit Teapot and Mugs

Published: 22nd March 2017 - New Products

Of the 17,410,742 people who voted for Brexit, just 100 can ever own our unique souvenir teapot.

We at Carters of Suffolk (Where everything we make is made here in the UK) are commemorating 'Brexit' with a limited edition, UK Handmade Brexit Teapots (100 worldwide)and mugs (200 worldwide).

What could be more British, or more appropriate to represent the spirit of Brexit, than a nice cup of tea?

Available from 29th March  Preorder now!
Teapot: www.cartersofsuffolk.com/shop/Product/181
Mug: www.cartersofsuffolk.com/shop/Product/182

Limited Edition Rick Wakeman Piano

Published: 9th March 2016 - New Products

We are very excited about a project we are undertaking with keyboardist, songwriter, television/ radio presenter, author and actor Rick Wakeman. Rick has released over 90 albums in his illustrious career, and worked with many other legends of music during the past 47 years. He recently received many accolades for his tribute to David Bowie, which he performed live on Radio Two. (You can watch the video of that performance below). Rick was the keyboard player on the original recording.

Although an all-round keyboard virtuoso, Rick’s first love has always been the piano … and we are producing a limited edition ‘Piano Teapot’, with an individually autographed and numbered certificate, and a CD copy of the album featured on the piano sheet music (The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table).

There are just 100 models being made, and each feature a ‘wizards hat’ and ‘sword in the stone’, as well as a gilded photograph of Rick on the teapot lid. The price, for what will be an extremely rare commemorative of Rick’s career and work, is £94.99. It is highly unusual for us to be able to offer such a price for such a small production run, but it gets even better. The serial numbers 3/100 through to  20/100 are reserved for website sales, ensuring that you can obtain a potentially investment quality collectible with a desirable low serial number if you act fast. It is a great gift for any fan of rock music. The release date is 4th April 2016, but advance orders can be taken through the website now.


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