The Carters of Suffolk ‘Teapot Pottery’ is the world’s best-known UK manufacturer specialising in making novel and creatively designed teapots for over 40 years. The manufacturing processes, highly dependent on skilled labour, have changed little since the early 18th century.

Each teapot takes around a week to produce. Most of our handmade, hand painted creations are produced in numbers small enough to make them truly rare and highly collectable. Only a few hundred teapots will be made in most designes, before a new design treatment is created. Unlike porcelain and bone china, our ceramics are vegan friendly.


Our skilled makers, who are passionately proud of our hand-crafted pottery products, work with our designers to develop new teapot ideas and design treatments.

Each teapot is handled by several specialised staff and is the result of several processes which can take from 7-10 days before work on the piece is completed.

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