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Discover Artisan Craftsmanship and the Treasures of England on PBS America’s England Made with Love

PBS America’s highly anticipated program, “England Made with Love,” provides viewers with an enchanting expedition into one of the world’s most picturesque countries, England.

In this captivating series, audiences get an exclusive glimpse into the exceptional skills and artistry of the country’s talented artisans and craftsmen. From watchmakers to weavers, bookbinders to roof thatchers, these dedicated individuals teach the next generation of apprentices and uphold the time-honored traditions that have shaped their lives for decades.

One of the notable highlights of the show is the exploration of Carters of Suffolk, a renowned tea pot manufacturer with a legacy spanning almost 50 years. Carters of Suffolk has gained recognition and acclaim both in the United Kingdom and globally for their remarkable designs, which range from whimsical to historically inspired.

The program transports viewers to the heart of Carters of Suffolk, where they witness the meticulous craftsmanship behind the creation of these extraordinary ceramic teapots. As the quintessential English beverage, tea holds a significant place in the hearts of the English people. Carters of Suffolk recognizes this and aims to provide tea drinkers with elegant and distinctive teapots.

In an interview featured on the show, a representative of Carters of Suffolk proudly states that their company is virtually the last in the entire country to produce handmade ceramic novelty teapots. What sets Carters teapots apart is their meticulous attention to detail ─ every teapot is meticulously crafted by hand, hand-painted, and exquisitely decorated.

The artisans at Carters of Suffolk uphold age-old techniques that have been in practice for over 300 years. These time-honored methods, combined with the artisans’ manual dexterity, attention to detail, and ability to follow precise processes, ensure that each teapot is a true work of art.

During the show, viewers have the opportunity to witness the creation of one of Carters of Suffolk’s best-selling teapots: a teapot designed to resemble a stack of Jane Austen books. The process begins with the pouring of a clay and water mixture into a mold, which is later broken open after a brief period of hardening. The molded teapot is then left to dry for up to 48 hours before being skillfully painted by hand.

Though the work is meticulous and challenging, the artisans find great satisfaction in their craft. One long-term Carters of Suffolk employee shares that the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the teapots make the job truly enjoyable and fulfilling, having spent 30 years dedicated to their creation.

Following the painting process, the teapots go through a firing stage in the kiln, where they endure temperatures of 1,200 degrees. This intensive process takes a total of 24 hours ─ from heating to cooling ─ ensuring the utmost quality is achieved. Once the firing is complete, embellishments such as decals, platinum, and gold are added, culminating in a magnificent teapot ready to enhance the tea-drinking experience.

The dedication and love poured into every teapot by the skilled artisans at Carters of Suffolk are clear indicators of the truly exquisite items they produce. It is no wonder that those who acquire these teapots appreciate the exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

“England Made with Love” on PBS America shines a spotlight on the beauty of England, the captivating skills of its artisans, and the exceptional teapots created by Carters of Suffolk. Through this program, viewers are transported to an enchanting world where tradition, artistry, and dedication intertwine to produce remarkable treasures.

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary journey into England’s rich artistic heritage and discover the artistry behind Carters of Suffolk’s teapots on “England Made with Love.”

Watch now on PBS https://www.pbs.org/video/england-made-with-love-e3uruw/

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  1. We just recently watched “England Made With Love” and immediately took note of your shop and location. We will hopefully be travelling to England again in the next 2 years and will be making a stop specifically to see you! We love our tea, and the thought of having such a whimsical pot will only add to the enjoyment.

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